Monday, March 06, 2006

Not much tonight

This is just a layout of Bella playing basketball this past couple months. She absolutely loved it. Wants to play for the rest of her life....maybe a life of cheerleading isn't in her future =).

So less than a year after I purchased my camera, I am slightly regretting not going for the "big gun". My camera is nice and takes great pictures....just thinking I should have got the digital SLR. Here it is.... Canon S2 IS . So if anyone is in the need of a good digital camera at a good price, just let me know =).

That is all for now. Keep those vacation suggestions coming.


cld said...

Keep me in mind for your old camera if you update.. That is if the price is right. :) (They should make a game show with that name) Neat pictures of Isabella.

starla said...

Great layout. Looks like Bella is following in your footsteps. Corey played basketball on 2 leagues this year and loved every minute of it. He's becoming quite the sports junkie. I think he's traded in cartoons for ESPN, etc.. Makes his dad proud!

kded said...

I hear that Virginia is nice! It's supposed to be in the seventies here this weekend. We even have a brand new indoor Water Park less than ten miles away. Plus Target, Old Navy, and an art and craft shop (scrapbooking) for all your shopping needs.