Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here is another quick one that I did last tells the story of the night I first had contact with Kent. Kind of a weird we eventually got together. The photo is of me and Iago getting read to go to a graduation ceremony where I first saw Kent. You can click on the picture to read the story if you are interested. Can you tell I really like green?

So I think I am feeling better....except right now where I feel as if I am going to pass out for some reason. Hate that feeling. Makes you feel a bit vulnerable. Don't worry Mom...I am okay. The medicine seems to be helping. I actually had some energy today.

We are having some major storms tonight. Had to go to the basement for a tornado warning. Bella is so freaked out about tornados. Not sure where this fear came from. Every five minute she is asking if a tornado is coming....question after question. She is pretty upset....says she doesn't want to move again if our house is flattened. I think all of our moves in the past 3 years have been hard for her. She really likes stability....I guess all kids do. That is something I never had to deal with. Lived in the same yard my whole life. Hopefully we will not have to move for a long time.

Apparently today is doctor's day and what was on my desk but a container of chocolate. Needless to say, I failed miserably on my diet today, also ate a bunch of carmel popcorn, it was very tasty. Oh well, I will do better tomorrow.

For my design team stint on the 3scrappy boys design team we have to contribute to the newsletter. By the time I was able to sign up, I had to end up doing a "paper craft" for the May newsletter. Can I just say I don't understand the deal with the altering craze in scrapbooking. I HATE it! I just want to do scrapbook pages, not make stupid crafts to display around my house. Just not seems like a waste of time to me. So what am I doing for the newsletter....just that. Yuck! I will survive. But I will hate every minute of it =). This is what I am going to explain (except it will use the March kit paper) Hopefully, someone will like it and it will "inspire" them in some way.

Anyway....all for now. Adios


cld said...

I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. I am tired so I won't comment much. I really like the flower. Cool actually. If you made several and put them in a cool container, they would be very unique! Try it and give it to me for Mother's day. :)

shannon said...

i think the flower is very cool and original!!

Iago said...

Wow, I was a real looker during my college days. Oh the hours we spent "dressing up".... You must be a skinny minny if you're back to your wedding weight. One advantage to getting married when I did, as a 30 year old instead of of a 20 year old, is that my "wedding weight" will be much easier to maintain!

mikki said...

the lily is GORGEOUS!! you are awesome at altering! ! ! I hope you are feeling better! ;-)