Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Official Diagnosis: Sick

So before I discuss my official diagnosis, a note about the layout. I am trying to occasionally scrapbook about myself and stuff other than my lovely children. This layout shows some photos from when Kent and I were dating. We took these pictures at the mall in one of those photo booths. Trying to remember what happened so long ago....document it. Those little diamonds that are lining the top of the brown circle paper are actually lime greena and truly match....they are not multi-tonal... didn't scan well.

So I have officially diagnosed myself as sick. My illness started 12 days ago and is not improving, in fact I feel worse. Monday I tried to run and thought I was going to die. Today while I was doing some ab work {not typically known for being strenuous...} I felt as if I was going to pass out. And I won't repulse you by telling you what is in my nose. So I have been known to get pretty sick with a sinus that is my diagnosis. I found some meds and have started them. I don't like to go the doctor =). So I have a amusing story about the last time I had a bad sinus infection, which was actually probably in the lovely year of 2000. I was in residency and had a fever for like 7 days before I actually went to the doctor {didn't miss a day of work during that pretty much have to be dead to miss work during residency}. Anyway was at home, it was in the wee hours of the morning...I got thirsty and made my way to the kitchen, got my water and was making my way back to bed when I felt my vision going black...the next think I knew I was on the floor with my glass of water all over me and a big bump on my head. Kent, who fell asleep in the basement was as usual sleeping like a log {he could sleep on gravel and not ever wake up}. So I crawl back to the bedroom, find the phone by the bed and call him on his cell phone in the basement to come help me change my clothes, go to bed. Anyway....I find that story kind of amusing....don't know why. The next day.... I think I still went to work, but actually got sent home {!!!} and went to the Dr. Enough about my illness...hopefully, I won't pass out again with this one.

I had my PT appointment today. I am very proud to report that I am now down a total of 14 pounds from my starting point and a total of 6% on my body fat. I am about the same weight I was when I got married. I think I'm going to lose a few more pounds and then be done with it. Going for a body fat % of 22%...think that should be adequate for an old woman with children. Speaking of body fat, I found this cool formula that I tried out on my measurement both my starting and my current and it was pretty close to what my trainer got by pinching my fat, off by 1-2%. It is in the current issue of Womens Health . Here it is for your body fat % calculating enjoyment. 1. First calculate your BMI (body mass index) : Height in inches x Height in inches 2. Divide your weight by the answer in #1. 3. Multiply the number you got in #2 by 703....this is your BMI. 4. Next multiply your BMI by 1.2. Write down for future use. 5. Multiply your age by .23. 6. Add the number you got in 5 by the number you got in #4. 7. Subtract 5.4 from the that number you got in #6. That is your body fat %. There it is....enjoy (or not). By the way a healthy fat % is often considered about 20/21% - 26% (if I am remembering correctly). That is all for now.


shannon said...

hope you are feeling better and as usual... love those pages!

Cindy said...

Please the whole numbers thing....just flew right over my head...could you not try and confuse me anymore than I am.