Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend recap

Had a good weekend, relaxing, somewhat productive. Here's a quick recap:
*Enjoyed getting a box from my college roomie Starla . Enjoyed the chocolate. Had a laugh about the carmex. I seem to have this obsession with carmex...use it every night to keep my lips young and beautiful or something like that. Anyway...I can't think of anyone else who would know that. Made me smile.
*My sister came to visit me this weekend. We put a piece of furniture together, ate out, shopped a bit, talked, walked around the ocean (as Emma calls it...most others call it a lake), cleaned out my closet. I do have openings next weekend as part of operation "keep Stacey occupied" so she can't think about the suckiness. If anyone needs a weekend away in the great city of Des Moines...let me know.
*Had some retail therapy at Ann Taylor Loft. I also REALLY needed some clothes, badly...very badly. It is not attractive to be walking around in clothes that are huge. I really didn't need this dress, but I bought it anyway. It made me feel cute, which is a good thing. Also got some much needed pants.
*Started painting the front room without furniture. I'm so tired of white. Think it is looking nice.
*Thankful for my girls and my Church ...keeping me sane.
*Enjoyed my favorite weekend activity of sunbathing on my John Deere lawn mower (hmmm...not really my favorite)
Lastly a advisory committee will probably be disappointed that I did not send this layout for the MMM contest as they all seemed to like it. I guess I'm just not crazy about it. Maybe it's because my face is the focal point!?! Just didn't seem like anything exciting to me. Sorry guys. If I don't win...we'll just say I should have listened to you all =).

Hope you all have a lovely Monday.


Cindy said...

I think you are amazing and gorgeous. That pic and all that it says about you should be shared with the world. You are a superstar.

You are in my prayers.

Cindy said...

ps... I went to your church link, looks awesome. Stay encouraged.

chris said...

LOVE the dress! I am a bit bummed about the cool. BUT you will still win! :)

cld said...

I remember the carmex too! That was nice of Starla to think of you. Cool looking dress.

shannon said...

cute dress! love retail therapy!
yup... loved that page. still keeping fingers crossed! ;)