Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just some pictures tonight

Here are the photos I was trying to upload last night. This first one was from Monday on Bella's first day of school. She was super excited. Wanted to wear her very cool gaucho pants. I thought she looked very beautiful in this photo. Looking so old and mature...kind of scary =).
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Here is a picture of the three of us together, complements of Mr. Tripod. I had to work with this one a lot in photoshop because the idiot that set up the camera didn't put it on the right setting. Oh well, it looks okay I guess.
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And of course, the obligatory getting on the bus photo. Emma really wanted to go to. She would prefer not to wait until she is five.
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This next one is from Sunday when we went to my Grandma's house. I really liked this picture. My goofballs.
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And last, another family photo. Two in one week, that might be a record. Keesha took this one. Didn't turn out too bad...we're all looking at the camera at least which is a major accomplishment.
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Not going to work tomorrow. Going to entertain my parents, brother and SIL. No work = happy me =). Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday!


cld said...

Yippee...I am excited to come. It is 5:38 a.m. and I am the only one up with my hair combed and makeup on, etc! Guess I am just like Bella with her first day of school! See ya in about 4 hours!

shannon said...

love the last two pics!!