Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been a bad blogger. Sorry. I feel like I've been busy...or something. We went to the state fair last night and didn't get home until late. We had a lovely time. We looked at the animals, rode some rides, ate, listened to some music. Surprisingly, I forgot to take my camera so there are no photos. I must be losing my mind. Tonight I am working the evening clinic again which I am not looking forward to. It will be my last one....yay! Anyway, nothing else much to say. Here are some more unexciting facts. Enjoy.

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
Maybe on a deserted tropical island.

2. What's your favorite article of clothing?
something that fits =)

3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
Hmmm...I might have answered this one differently in the past, but I'd have to say his brain =). Oh wait, I guess that's not physical....don't know that I have a favorite.

4. What's the last CD that you bought?
The Fray.

5. Where's your favorite place to be?
I love the beach.

6. Where is your least favorite place to be?
the grocery store with 2 children after's that for specific?

7. What's your favorite place to be massaged?
what's a massage?

8. Strong in mind or strong in body?
I'd say both =)

9. What time do you wake up in the morning?
Last possible minute...usually around 8 AM on weekdays.

10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
food processor

11. What makes you really angry?
mean, irrational people. War.

12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

13. Favorite color?

14. Which do you prefer...sports car or SUV?
I like them both, but kids kind of interfere with the whole sports car thing, so SUV it is.

15. Do you believe in an afterlife?

16. Favorite children's book?
The alligator purse

17. What is your favorite season?

18. What is your least favorite household chore?
all of them? I need a housewife =)

19. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
flying really fast from one place to another

20. If you have a tattoo, what is it?
I have a giant scar, does that count?

21. Can you juggle?

22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to?
Can't think of anyone in particular.

23. What's your favorite day?
the whole weekend.

24. What's in the trunk of your car?
dirt, an umbrella

25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?
I'll pass on both


cld said...

Glad you had fun at the fair. I was surprised by a few of your answers. Didn't know you would like to play the guitar. Interesting. You know is never too late. We have lots of spare guitars sitting around! Even flashy red ones that make a lot of noise. :)

I wish you lived closer...I would be your housewife or keeper!!!!!!!

Starla said...

I guess our lack of love for all housework would explain the lack of cleanliness in our dorm rooms. Oh well, we had fun!