Friday, August 11, 2006

Off to adventureland {again}

I bought too many tickets to adventureland! Or maybe I'm just bitter that I can't find anyone to go on the rides I like. I guess Emma probably would, but she is too short for most. Anyway we are all going tonight, Bella's taking a friend. The tickets will be all used up and I'll be off the hook until next year =). Before I say good-bye...more fun (or not) facts:

1. Hamburger Helper or filet mignon? hmmm, neither. I'm not a red meat sort of girl.

2. Van or sedan? Neither? I've had an SUV for a long time now I guess my car that I just got is categorized as a hybrid SUV...whatever that means...a wanna-be SUV, but not really, I guess.

3. Yellowstone Park or Disneyland? Yellowstone. Haven't been there but would love to go. Did Disneyland and it was painful.

4. McDonald's or Olive Garden? I hate McDonald's, love Italian food so I will pick the Olive Garden.

5. Board games or video games? I haven't done much of either in the recent past so I can't really answer that.

6. Snow bunnies or water babies? question. I love the beach and I don't like being cold.

7. Early birds or night owls? Night owl. Getting up every morning is the hardest thing I do all day.

8. Road trip or air travel? I think I would enjoy road trips more if the girls were older. Plane tickets are so at this point in my life, road trips are my option.

9. White or wheat? Wheat, I try to eat healthy.

10. On the team or in the bleachers? I love participating, but the sidelines are good too...both.

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cld said...

What rides do you like? I'd go with you unless the "Silly Silo" is your ride of choice!!!!!!!!

Tonight was a lovely night. Cool, etc. We went downtown IC and had the concert in the mall thing. A cool band called Rock Lobster. Played the oldies...probably because they were oldies!!!! Very talented though.