Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Half Days off.

Took half a day off to take Bella to Adventureland. I'm kind of a mean mom...I dragged her practically kicking and screaming onto the roller coaster (outlaw) which she thoroughly enjoyed and made the comment afterwards that she should listen to me more often. Yep.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting some chiropracters for lunch. I guess word is out on the street that I won't kick families out of my practice if they choose not to immunize their children. Now I get to go chat about stuff with these ladies (In general, many chiropracters don't like immunizations)...hmmm, not sure about that cause I truly believe that immunizations are wonderful and should be given. Should be interesting. Free lunch if nothing else =).

Still painting my room with no furniture. I'm a good painter, but a poor judge of how much paint to buy. Bought 2 gallons for the girls room and didn't even finish one. Now downstairs, the same sized room and I'm out. Frustrating. Must go back to Menards tomorrow.

This is my Grandpa Cleo. He is pretty cool. I wrote down some of the things he likes to frequently do and say. He's pretty funny.

That is about all for now. Have a lovely day.


Starla said...

You know I had to send you carmex. You're the one who got me addicted to it! I almost sent you some ramen noodles too :)

Anonymous said...

Its Jeannette.

I am never ever ever coming to Iowa where those unimmunized children put my lovely daughter at risk! Kisses.

Angela said...

Please don't hate me but Ava has not had any immunizations. I could go on and on but I won't To each his own I guess.

Hope you hgad a great time at Adventure Land!