Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another weekend gone

Had a good weekend. We got recruited to go roller skating on Saturday night. I wasn't overly excited about it, but it was okay. I still remember how to skate. Bella thought it was the most fun thing she had ever done and actually did very well. Emma also loved it and improved quite a bit, never enough to let go of my hand, but still much improved. Here are some pictures I took there. Are they not the cutest things ever? The girl with Emma is her friend Gracie.

It is my little sister's birthday today (28th) and if my calculations are correct, she is 28 today. Happy Birthday!!! Here she is with her lovely family. Hope you have a great day.

I made some really UGLY layouts this weekend that I'm not going to post as they are too ugly. Can I just say I hate working with coordinating "themed" products...but I was forced to and the results are not pretty. Yuck. Anyway, have a lovely Monday.


cld said...

cute pictures. Sounds like the girls had fun. Hope it was ok for you too.
Now you know how I feel about all my LOs. It is depressing. :)

shannon said...

how stinkin cute! i'm sure the layouts are fine!

Heather said...

I'm so with you on the 'themed stuff' but I'm sure they turned out great!