Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This picture was taken this spring. Talks about all the lovely asian beetles we had. Now for the past few days, they have come again. It is amazing how many manage to make it in the house. Shouldn't a new house be a little more bug tight? Maybe tomorrow when it gets cold again they will go away.

Went to Bella's conference tonight. Surprise.....she is very quiet. Looks like she inherited my antisocial personality. Oh well, guess it could be worse. However, her teacher did say she needs to learn when it is okay to talk, she has been talking to her friends a little too much. Had to be separated from one of them. Bella says it was the other girls fault, that she was trying to listen but she (the other girl) just kept talking to her =). She is a very good reader, which we already knew. She is currently reading at a grade 2 plus level. The reason the plus, is that she hasn't been tested any higher but more likely is quite a bit higher. She says she will continue to push her but currently she wants to work at the grade 2ish level to develop expression (bella tends to not put pauses in the correct places, etc) and comprehension. She is supposed to read at 40 words per minutes by the end of the year at a first grade level. Her last little passage that she brought home last week, she read 147 words per minute with second grade material. Think she's going to be okay there. And in math she said that she needs to slow down and be careful for accuracy (I believe I remember that being told to me many times).

I'm finding this part of parenting to be very hard (school, soccer, performance issues). I feel like she should be pushed more, that she should NEVER get in trouble, that she definitely shouldn't be missing any easy math problems, etc, etc, etc. My perfectionist side coming out. But, I just keep all these thoughts to myself (at least most of the times)...She is only in first grade, not trying to get into Harvard. I don't want to be one of those pushy parents. I just need to remember that I had a very non exciting, run of the mill education and I turned out just fine (I think?).

Well that is all for tonight.

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cld said...

I think you turned out very well. I know it is hard to be quiet when you know your child is smart and capable of not missing much. I am sure you are doing very well at not speaking up. She no doubt will have yours and Cecil's mentality by the time she is in high school and WON'T LET themselves miss a problem, etc. (Even though you had no parent pressure or so I think you didn't?)
You guys put the pressure on yourselves. Bella will turn out just fine. I was told I read very poorly in first grade and now that is the thing I love the most. I was also told that I was poor in math....and...well that still holds true I guess. (Can't win them all!)

About Bella's reading. Honestly, listening to her read a book. She is better at sounding out words than the kids I had in 6th grade last year. And they aren't dumb kids but they really could not sound out like Bella can.