Tuesday, October 04, 2005

There is Hope!

You are currently enjoying a photo of my new grass! I find it very exciting that someday I may no longer have to look and dirt and weeds! There is hope!

I have been enjoying my time off. Except for watering my beloved grass and trees, I have been trying not to work too hard. Nothing feels better than banning household chores. I enjoyed some time to myself today. I took Emma to daycare while I went to the gym and when I came back to pick her up she was sleeping....so I left her there to enjoy her nap and went home and played with my paper. I made the thing below. It is a coin holder which I put some recent pictures of my lovely girls in (click on the picture to see larger view). I think it turned out pretty well. I never would have done this on my own, but I got the coin holder in a kit and thought I should use it. It's sitting on the hutch of my computer deck right now.....nice to look at. The first photo is of it all opened up. The bottom larger photo is when it is folded up and shows the front cover.

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