Monday, October 17, 2005


Just a few recent pictures of the girls. Bella taking a brief pause from catching butterflies (like her missing tooth?) and Emma enjoying an ice cream cone (she hasn't figured out you need to eat them fast).

Tonight, I actually started a scrapbook page. Not quite done with it at the moment, but TOMORROW I will try to be done and actually post something. I think I have overcome my scaredness after winning a spot on the DT. I'm still waiting for my stuff to it kind of feels like it never happened =).

Tomorrow evening, we also go to Bella's first 1st grade parent-teacher conference. Get to hear how smart she is {I'm assuming =) }. Also while we are there we can go to the book fair.....I love book fairs. Hopefully I won't spend too much money.

By the way, HP......what's happened to your poor pathetic cyclones? I'm deeply sorry for the trouble they are having {that's a lie...sorry....just trying my best to be sympathetic}

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cld said...

How could you assume anything less about Bella ???? Not a proud grandma speaking, huh? I hope your bookfair is better than the one Melissa and I went to down in Kalona last year. It was really pathetic....there were about 4 books there...well perhaps a few more than that...6!!!!! It was very hard to spend anything there. I think I finally got one of the six books since I had promised David something!

Don't know much else. I stayed home sick with some stomach thing yesterday. I still don't feel well but staying home a second day is pressing it since VJ is gone on vacation...and don't know if the 3 men can handle it two days in a row!

Have a good day.