Saturday, October 01, 2005

My scrapbook journey

Well approximately 4-5 years ago, Isabella's baby book met its demise in the basement of our old house. Rain seemed particularly attracted to our basement and like to visit frequently. Anyway, her book got wet, molded and was pretty much ruined. That's is when I started the whole scrapbook thing. I think my sister and maybe even my mom had started doing it a bit before me and tried to get me going on it. I liked to make fun of it, thought it was a crazy hobby and was pretty sure I was never going to do it. However, as I was searching for a new baby book, I could not find anything that I liked. So I begrudgingly decided to scrapbook. For the next three years I pretty much admitted it to no one....but was very slowly becoming more involved. Then last year in my loneliness in Idaho, I discovered the world of online scrapbooking sites and kits. I joined KNK ( and started building my supplies up (see earlier post for my admission of various addictions....including scrapbooking paper and supplies). Since then, I scrapbook often. I have always loved to be creative and loved art and this is a way to use that love. Even before I did this I took a crap load of this is a great way to combine those two things. It also is a great stress reliever. the point of this whole post. In this whole separate scrapbooking world, there are magazines that you can get your work published in, there are design teams that design layouts for stores, online stores, kit clubs and manufacturers of scrapbooking products. I recently decided that maybe my stuff was good enough to try to get myself published, etc. Anyway, last week I submitted some stuff to a new company called Paper Heart Studio and today I found out that I made the design team. I'm sure that doesn't mean a lot to most people, but in my little scrapbooking world this is HUGE!!!! It's really quite cool to have someone else appreciate your work and think you are good enough to represent them in various ways, websites, catalogs, trade shows. Anyway, it was really a mood lifter and I have been smiling all day =). Not sure how many people applied for this team, but often hundreds apply so to be chosen is a very nice honor. I saw some of the names of those who will be on the team with me and I am very definitely the "peon" of the group! Anyway, check out the website: I may soon have some stuff posted there...pretty cool!


cld said...

Hi. You have every reason to be smiling. That is quite an honor to be sure. I do and always have said that your stuff is better than about 99% of the stuff out there. I am saying that from an artistic view point...not a mother's. (As you always say, " You have to say are my mother.") I don't have to say anything that is not true! You seem to have a talent at anything you put your mind to. You could have been a fabulous artist or musician or just about anything if you had not chosen to be a doctor. I imagine you excel at that to. I can't say because since I am of the older won't let me come to you!!!!!! Anyway...contratulations on a job well done. I will be looking forward to seeing your stuff in print. (Come to think of it..that was another thing you were good at (like all my kids) writing.

shannon said...

congratulations stacey!