Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fall is here

Just some pictures of some of the colors from our yard. Definitely enjoying the trees here. Missed those a lot while we were gone.

Didn't do too much exciting today on my half day off. A man from Target called me today and they are going to try to remove the squiggly line on the pictures. That makes me happy. Should know by early next week if they will be successful. I guess I still love Target. Actually I tried to shop there today, but couldn't find any shirts for wierd is that? I don't know what Bella wore at that age, but I can't seem to locate any of it, so I need to buy Emma some winter clothes. I ended up buying some tape, a magazine (shocker!!!!), and a CD by Green Day. Needed some new music to exercise to. I wrapped some Christmas presents for the girls. I'm almost done shopping for them. I hate Christmas crowds at the stores, so I'm trying to get it all over with. Gonna run......have a good evening!


cld said...

Your trees are very beautiful. I love fall except for one thing....winter follows! I am definately not a winter person.

canada-gal said...

I knew we had a kinship.... I'm already done my xmas shopping, too!