Sunday, October 02, 2005

Trees and other things.

So this first picture is of our new trees. They are huge!!! I wasn't quite expecting them to be quite so large...but they are wonderful, they will block off that side of our yard wonderfully. Someday maybe they will be surrounded by grass. In sort of related yard news....the yellow house next to us finally sold and they have children! A 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. Hopefully, that will generate less complaining from the very bored George children.

This is of Emma this past year hunting for easter eggs at Grandma Be's house. It looks a little ratty here, but I really like it in real life.

Emma continues to be having sleep issues which in turn seem to be rubbing off on Bella. Currently, Emma is in the spare bedroom closet sleeping. Bella is in the girl's bedroom on the floor. Not sure why I wasted money on beds? I'm not sure what Emma's strange fascination with sleeping in the closet is about (took her nap there too today)....but as long as she sleeps through the night I really don't care where she sleeps =).

I am taking the next 3 days off. It seems like I am taking a lot of time off recently, but I guess I really didn't even take any of my vacation time until August....then it hit me that I should maybe use some more while I can. So, my goal over the next three days is pretty much to do enjoyable things...not going to work too much, other than to water the trees and grass.

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cld said...

nice trees. wish they were in that new area of our yard. three days sounds pretty darn good too! I will have most of tomorrow off but not for fun and games. I have a hospital appointment. That 6 month check up on my leg thing. Have a lovely 3 days off. We expect to see lots of postings on this web site.