Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cool chicks & can you help me with my house?

I found Emma roaming the house tonight looking all cool. {she has a sucker in her mouth} How cute is she? It really kind of reminded me of a photo I took of the supercool Bella back in 2001. I believe they are about the same age. What a bunch of goofs.
So for some reason, I was feeling the need to clean my house. Cleaned the lower level. Even mopped the floor. I impress myself! Anyway, took some pictures as it usually doesn't look as nice. My house is still so white and I really don't like it. We have really nice big trim, a nice fireplace, some crown molding here and there that is just disappearing into the vast whiteness. Anyone have any ideas? The three pictures below are actually one big, dining area and family room. Any brilliant color ideas? Feel free to leave your opinion.

Again would like to thank all those who leave comments, I really do appreciate it. Thanks to Rita for the lovely made me smile (something I haven't done too much of today). To my dear friend Iago, even if you are unable to comment, it truly makes me happy you are reading my blog =). Have a lovely evening.


cld said...

Hi ....can't sleep so I might as well write you. Nice pictures. Emma and Bella look so much alike. About your comment other than it looks GOOD! Perhaps ORANGE or MAGENTA? Just kiddin'...before people think I have horrible taste. I still like the color of your livingroom and hall on Clover Street. That was a cool color next to the white.
Well perhaps I will go back to sleep before my alarm goes off in about an hour or less.

Cindy said...

Well hello Mrs George,
I have not read your blogs before. I will have to add this to my favorites. I think a dark green would look good with your flooring and would be a nice calming color. I have been doing some painting and I used a green that I love. I also did oak flooring in my house. It is a red oak and it looks fabulous. I will send you the color of mine when I find the can or paint chip. it is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

I think a hot pink would look great, not. What every you decide, I would love to help you paint. Get me out of the house. I also think that emma and bella look alike. Are you happy now I commented. Go Clones. HP