Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our Weekend

These photos are a bit backwards, wanted to show the Halloween costumes first and then all the goods....but oh well, not going to upload it again. For some reason trick-or-treating was tonight. Bella swayed slightly from her yearly princess costume for one called a "glamour witch" ---pretty much a princess, just not a pastel colored dress. Emma picked out a cheerleader outfit. She has no clue what a cheerleader is, but that is the outfit she wanted. Emma was SOOOOO excited to go trick-or-treating. When she first got dressed she just couldn't stop waving her pom-poms, saying "look at me, look at me, my have a costume, my a cheerleader" over and over again. And she was even more excited to get the candy. For awhile after every stop, she would say "look at me, my have lots of candy" followed by shaking of pom-poms and her cute little "obnoxious" laugh as she ran to the next house. Bella also was very excited of course, she was a little frustrated with Emma slowing her down. The weather was beautiful. It was about 60 degrees, very little wind. A perfect Halloween! And wow.....did we get a lot of candy or what?

We went to my lovely Mother's house this weekend. Had a wedding to go to. It was very nice. Very simple. It was really nice to go back to my church I grew up in. For the music in the wedding they just had the congregation sing traditional Mennonite hymns. For those that aren't familiar with that, these are sung acapella and in 4 part harmony. Very beautiful. We haven't been going to a Mennonite church here in DM and I've kind of missed it. Even though I like other types of singing as well, there is something very nice about the traditional stuff too. We sang my favorite too... #606. Anyway, after the wedding we visited my Grandparents. They always love seeing the girls. Took a bunch of pictures of them with the girls. Hoping sometime to make pages of their "big grandma and big grandpa" {as Bella so dubbed them at a young stuck}.

Of course, when I go back to IC, need to visit the scrapbook store there. Reminisce is a great store {they make the paper by the same brand} better than anything we have in DM. I didn't even spend very much. I'm very proud of myself.

While at my mom's house, I went through a bunch of old memorabilia from childhood. I even found some scrapbooks I had made in elementary school and in high school. I didn't remember doing that. I found some great old pictures. Wow.....was my hair large. Gotta love those bangs that stick up about 5 inches in the air. Found some really funny ones of my dear friend Iago from all through high school.

Anyway better go...must get some sleep. Have a good day.

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cld said...

It was fun to have you guys. Looks like the girls will be having a big sugar high for awhile. They are such cuties.
I agree with you about the is wonderful.