Saturday, October 15, 2005

Soccer and other things.

Today we had another soccer game. There is only one more left! That excites me. I'm not a very good "soccer mom". After the game, we went downtown to a world food festival. Took a picture of the girls in front of the capital....we parked there and walked to the festival. Had some yummy food there. Kent and I had food from El Salvador. I had a very delicious chicken tostada and he had a chicken tamale and a puposa (sp?). The salsa was actually spicy.....liked that! The girls had some lo mein and fried rice as as well as their favorite...a cheese quesadilla. For desert we had Indian fry bread with cinnamon sugar. Bella was quite fond of that. The rest of the day we just hung out....don't have much to report.

I have been working on a small little album of Christmas stuff. Made the whole album by myself (cover and all). First time I have done that. It was kind of fun. Maybe, if anyone ever visits me, I will share it with you. Right now it is too much a pain in the butt to scan it.

Don't know much else. Have a good day!

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cld said...

Sounds like a fun day to me. Thanks for calling last night. It was good to hear your voice. Will be glad to see you the last of October. Sorry we are going to be leaving you for the evening. Hopefully on Sunday we can do something. Maybe Mexican. Dad and I are practicing eating "Beans" like Emma. We get some strange looks from the other people around us. (just kiddin')
I got up and exercised with that woman on PBS again. Only a little later (7:00) since it is Sunday. I taped her. It really gets the blood pumping after laying around all night. Have a good day. I have to get ready for church. Dad is leader and I have choir practice and have to study my lesson so I can teach.