Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Betty's day

Well, I tried to post a layout tonight, but it refused to upload it. So I give up. Instead you get to gaze on the beauty of Betty the crazy Idaho Cat. I believe it is her birthday. I can't remember. I know it is sometime this week.....maybe today, possibly tomorrow. I'm not a very good mom. She is turning 2...just like Emma. Betty has had quite a year. She traveled 1500 miles all freaked out in a Ford F250 diesel truck, she survived Big Grandma's basement for 3 weeks, she then lived at the old people's home for 6 weeks and finally freedom in our lovely wild yard. She made a trip to the vet for a infected foot and got "high" off of pain medicine. She continues to paw at the door like a complete idiot when she wants in or out. She likes to bring gifts to the front porch of moles and mice. She likes to bother the girls in the middle of the night. So anyway, that is Betty's life in brief over the past year. Happy Birthday kitty.

Speaking of Idaho....a year ago, I was frantically packing up our whole house {while working full time, being on call, momming full time, etc, etc}. We moved out over the Thanksgiving weekend and were "homeless" until mid February. Hard to believe that was already a year ago.......time flies. And what is so sad about the fact that we moved a year ago......still have a ton of boxes in the garage that haven't been unpacked. We have no pictures up in our house. I have two rooms painted, the rest of the house is stark glow in the dark white. I have one set of curtains up in my office and the bathroom still has it's baby blanket up as a curtain....the rest of the windows are naked. We have no furniture in the front room. Maybe someday.......perhaps I'll get motivated. We do have some grass in the yard now.....I guess that is progress.

In potty training news {I all have been waiting so expectantly for this} I think we are making progress. I am definitely seeing her making an effort. Usually it is doing the "potty dance" jumping and running around saying "my can't pee in my underwear". Yesterday we even did the "poopy dance" and she actually did it in the toilet.

Bella is looking forward to Wednesday when Grandma Cindy Lou is coming to spend time at school. They are doing a play for the grandparents and she is super proud to know her lines without even looking.

Hawks win! Hawks win! {basketball....over #8 Kentucky}. Gotta like that. can't get too excited as it is November and we always do very well every November. There is still plenty of time for half the team to quit, get arrested, play terrible, and end up 8-10 in the Big Ten and miss the NCAAs. {don't I have a positive attitude?} Play Texas tomorrow....think they are #2.

Have a good day.


cld said...

I like your blog today. Betty is funny and so is Emma. Isn't 2 great? I am excited too about tomorrow! Yippee!

How bout them good old Hayden would say.

shannon said...

love the betty part! too cute!
and i hear ya on the house. i moved in over 3 years ago and am not even close to be moved in or organized...

Tracy said...

Funny, reading this page after reading Betty's RIP 2010 page. Wow, time flies. They girls are so big now. A beautiful newish baby and now engaged. You could have never thought of how much your life would have changed.