Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring is here

Why do I know that spring is here?
1. Spent at least an hour in the basement off and on over the weekend due to Tornado warnings.
2. Freezed while watching Bella play soccer.
3. Have rivers of mud in our somewhat grassed yard due to the large amounts of rain.
4. Grass is turning green! Yeah!!!!!

So what do I post today in honor of spring....a picture of fall. This was Emma last fall...thought she looked so beautiful.

Don't know much else today....have a lovely day!


cld said...

Beautiful LO. Did you have bad weather yesterday. didn't do much right where we were. Tornado touched down in Washington again. Have a lovely day. Gotta go exercise.

chris said...

AMAZING lo. its no wonder you are on three DT's. you are so talented. you need to do HOF next year!!

shannon said...

i'm noticing a trend... green! you are so cute. and your pages rock. glad you are all okay after those crazy storms.