Sunday, May 07, 2006

4 days off from work.....over.

Don't have any great pictures today. Sorry about that. Will try to find something exciting to post tomorrow.

My 4 lovely days off of work are over. What did I accomplish?
1. Not much.
2. Went to the tulip festival with Emma.
3. Watched the whole first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Very good...but what a waste of time. That's why I try not to watch too much sucks you in. Still it was good.
4. Went out with Kent for supper last night and a movie to celebrate our 12th anniversary (today). Had good Italian food and this completely awesome chocolate cake type dessert. Totally worth blowing my diet on. We went to MI-III. Wow...very intense. I'm not usually one to get uptight at movies...but this one was super intense, non-stop action. Can't believe that it was only PG-13...guess there wasn't a lot of cuss words in it, no they overlook the extreme violence I guess? We saw an approximately 4-5 year old kid come in with his parents...couldn't believe it. Wow...he got a show.
5. Hung a curtain up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found some curtains that I had forgotten about that were in our bedroom in Idaho. Hung them up on the window in the upstairs landing/nook area. Also put another small bookcase in there that I got from Target courtesy of my mother (Thanks!). And I almost hung a picture on the wall...maybe tomorrow when I decide which one. That is a crapload of decorating for me. It almost looks like someone lives here (at least in that part of the house) now.
6. Finished unpacking 4 boxes that were half emptied out in the basement (yes, I know I have been living here for 15 think I could have done that before).
7. Scrapbooked one (1) page. Seems I work better when I don't have time to scrapbook.
8. Didn't do so well on my diet. Will start being good again tomorrow.
9. Enjoying not exercising...almost too much.

That is about all I can think of...more later. Have a good day!

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