Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday blogging.

Another layout from the June Scrappy Giraffe kit.
I took some beautiful pictures of the girls this morning before we went to church in their "same-same" dresses {as Emma would call them}. I need to upload them and fix them up a bit and then I'll try to post some tomorrow. I have been really bad about keeping my regular photo albums up to date since I went totally digital {about a year ago}. Couldn't decide what I wanted to do with all of them. Previously I'd just stick one copy of each photo in a regular album and play with the doubles. Now since I don't have high speed access anymore, I can't upload them and have them printed out and I've been very lazy and have only printed on my home printer what I have wanted to scrapbook. So last night I started the process of going through the past year, picking out the best ones and I'm going to take them in to have printed....throw them in a regular album. And now since I have a fancy new way of editing my's going to take a while. Made it through August of 2005....quite a bit more to go =(. Maybe I'll try to do this monthly in the future.
So I caved and turned the air conditioner on today. It was 80+ degrees in the house so on it came. I really like having the windows open though. Must be a throw back to growing up with no air conditioner.
I also did some major weed eating today. I probably could have done it for several more hours...but I needed to stop as the thing was beating the crap out of my leg {i guess I kind of support it with my thigh as I am using it} I have about 10 huge bruises on my right thigh. Lovely. Looks like someone was beating on me. I was covered in a fine green weed mist when I finished. Emma wanted to know if I was an alien. I'm just hoping there was no poison ivy in the fine green mist. I probably should learn to identify that a bit better.
Anyway, have a good day all.


cld said...

I miss you being able to put pictures on one of those sites where I can buy them. I don't think I have had a picture of the girls since you were able to do that. Sniff. Makes me sad. Can you put them on a CD and send them to me????????? Also come to think of it. Did Emma have a picture taken for her THIRD birthday. Don't mean to bawl you out in front of everyone BUT you are getting as bad as your sister! (Now I have made TWO people mad at me)

I bet you went over your calorie burn when you did the weed eating. That is hard work. I did alot of outdoor work on Saturday and for the first time when 300 calories over my burn. The site said I had 4 Hours and 30 minutes of Physical activity. Which is a lot for this office chick.

Have a good day.

shannon said...

i caved on the ac too. we were in the 90s!
cute page too!