Sunday, May 21, 2006

My mom

Here is the layout I had laying on my desk for a long time. Nothing great...sorry mom, I tried. This is a photo of my mom and I the day before Mother's day this year. I think this is the first photo of us together since my birth? Well, maybe not that bad...but almost. Mom's in general seem to never be on the other side of the camera. Made it with some leftovers from my 3 srappy boys kit.

Speaking of 3 scrappy boys.... the May newletter is out. I had to make those stupid, ah hem...I mean lovely paper lilies. They are under the paper craft section. I also have the layouts there too...which you have already seen if you read this thing regularly. My picture is up was taken by the lovely Keesha D. (who is really dying to become a scrapbooker too) TAKE A LOOK HERE Hit ctrl F5 key if the march newsletter comes up instead of the May (mine keeps doing that, but I have a stupid computer, it's to be expected).
Hope you are all having a lovely day.


cld said...

No apologies needed. It is very good considering part of your subject matter. Thanks for the kind words!!!!! I took a look at your newsletter. Cool. You had about the least to say about yourself except for the people who did not send their Bios in! Need to blow your lovely horn a bit more. Copies off your instructions for the lilies. I usually don't like altered stuff but those were nice and serve more of a decorative use than some altered stuff. (my opinion) But look time consuming to me.

Keep up the good work.

shannon said...

great page! love the matting of the pic and the torn cardstock!