Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer 2004

Here is a layout with a photo from the summer of 2004. We were living in Idaho. Went on a lot of vacations that summer. It was pretty cheap to go on vacation there. There was never anywhere to stay so you just had to pitch a tent. This is from the California coast. Very beautiful. We saw the Redwoods, the coast, and Crater Lake in Oregon all on the same trip. The supplies are all from the June Scrappy Giraffe Kit

It was a beautiful day here today, temps in the 80s. I went running outside...couldn't take the treadmill today. I run a lot harder outside, time passed a lot faster, it was kind of nice. Got some mowing done tonight. I love my John Deere =). So that is the extent of my exciting life...have a good day!


cld said...

Gee the scenery looks just like Iowa! Cool picture. I read in one my (many) magazines that you do run harder outside than on a treadmill because the belt helps propel you some plus you have the weight of your body to push along on the ground when you run on your own. Glad you like your John Deere. I still push what little I mow.

shannon said...

love the flower and the zig zag cut!