Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The last layout

Last layout fromt the June Scrappy Giraffe kit. Miss Emma last summer. The stamps are from Fontwerks (not in the kit). I ordered them elsewhere. They are called George outline. I love them very much =).

Tomorrow I am going to see the trainer...and discuss why I have failed miserably over the past month in meeting my goal. Life has gotten in the way I guess...too many holidays (mother's day, anniversary), the week off of exercise, food tastes very yummy. All of that equals still having pudge on my inner thighs. Oh well...I'm not too concerned about it (which may be the biggest problems).

I still haven't downloaded my beautiful pictures I took on Sunday. I'll try tomorrow. I've been diligently trying to edit all my past years photos to try to use a coupon for 9 cent prints that expires tomorrow. So I must go, have a good one.


cld said...

What goals are we still trying to meet? Firming up? I will be interested to hear what your trainer has to say to you? I haven't heard from him for awhile. Of course I haven't written him for awhile either. I will have to pretty soon to see how to change my goal since I have almost met the first one. Only 3 more lbs till I get there.

I am still waiting for the pictures of the girls in their "same- same" dresses. :)

mjdf said...

where are you taking your pictures to get printed? I still have yet to print anything since I went digital. Any suggestions? I did find a site where you can send in a CD and they put them online for you to order (snapfish) and I think I will try that one and see how I like it. Pictures are something like 11 cents, but you have to pay postage to send in your CD. Would be nice to upload striaght from the computer, but stinking slow dial-up doesn't do that very quickly - about 5 minutes per picture.

shannon said...

hmm. i think i need those stamps! and i hear ya on the gym. i go in total spurts!