Monday, May 01, 2006

"Ugly Layout" per Emma

Kind of a quick and ugly little layout I made for a challenge at 3 Scrappy Boys. Bella a few weeks ago kicking the soccer ball. I obviously had some trouble taking the pictures {kind of blurry}. Guess I could just pretend that I did that on purpose for artistic effect, right? Just getting used to my camera, I guess. That is my excuse. Emma came into my room when I was making this and told me that it was very ugly...she then added that it's because it is not her favorite color. It's not pink or purple. Oh well, such is life....can't please everyone.

So, I now have 4 official volunteers for my "advisory committee". Two are family members which I don't feel can totally be trusted. The third is a person who feels that scrapbooking is a dangerous cult and almost didn't let my previous place of employment interview me because under my hobbies it listed scrapbooking. The 4th person might almost be as crazy as me when it comes to scrapbooking {? maybe}. So there is room for a few more if you'd like...don't be shy, it might be fun.

Well, I must go. It seems the later I stay up the more hungry I get and the more unable I am to control my eating....which might be bad for my official weigh in on Wednesday.


chris said...

stacy, im in on your advisory committee, if you want!! though, i don't think you need my help. you're awesome.

cld said...

Is Chris also one of the family that can't be trusted?????? I resent that....I plus I figured Cecil is also one of them. I sure know what you mean about the eating thing. Maybe it is in the air this week...I am having trouble too...been eating 1100 calories! Very upseting!!!! :)