Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been banned.....

....from the gym!!!!! Had my session today with the trainer. I have officially met goal #2. Was talking to him how I'm totally zonked, weak, feeling tired with my workouts. He asked me when was the last time I took a week off. Hmmmm....Back before I started working out regularly again, which would have been last July. Oops. I guess I haven't taken any time off because I was afraid I would start liking the lazy life again and would never go back. I was actually feeling a bit anxious after he told me I was not to step foot in the gym until next Wednesday {how wierd is that?}, but I'm okay with it now and actually think it will be very good for me. We also dinked around with my food and I will be eating more now, having a day of positive balance, etc. Still going to try to get my body fat% a little lower, but at a slower rate. Going to try to get rid of all those womanly problems {i.e. inner thighs, butt} firm up a bit more there. So there it is...bodybugg update.

Made this layout last night. I was going to post it to my secret site, but then realized that the "celebrate life" theme was actually the one layout they assigned to you (plus 4 of your choice). That layout has to be 12x12...too bad for this one, kind of liked it. I guess I should start doing more 12x12, but am kind of liking the whole 8.5x11 thing.

I cleaned out my closet (pants only I guess) and I pretty much had to put away/get rid of 97% of my pants as they are much too large (yeah!). So today, out of desperation, I went shopping. Went to Gordman's. Have never been there before. It seems to be kind of like a Kohl's. I found a brand of pants that actually fit everywhere...butt, waist, legs...all at the same time. I about died. I bought 3 pairs. The best part, only 17.99 each. Can't get much better than that. Except the size...really like the size I got to take home =). So now I have like four pairs of pants total to wear to work. Excited about that.

Clif Bars: Cranberry, Apple Cherry...not so good. Just had one for a snack. Stick to the chocolate varieties.

Well that is all for now. Have a good day.


cld said...

Have you really been going to the gym that long??? Wow. Impressive..but Doug is probably need to rest a bit. Did you check to see if you were anemic? Sounds like your cross country days. Check it out Dr.
Actually I have been exercising now..starting my 8 month which is REALLY impressive for me..."Mrs Lets exercise for one week before we give up." Save your old pants for me. (I wish)

chris said...

congrats on the new pants. I've got to get a body bugg! you can email me at
can't wait to see your lo's.