Monday, May 08, 2006


Well....I know you were all dying to see this, so here it curtains. I know it doesn't belong in any sort of decorating magazine, but it sure does look better than it did before. On the wall to the right, there is even a picture on the wall. Amazing. No if I could only get some paint on the walls, then you could appreciate the crown molding and pretty fat trim. Maybe someday.

So I got a magazine called "Parenting" in the mail today. Didn't order it. Maybe the magazine gods are smiling on me? Or maybe someone sent it to me as a hint that I need to work on my parenting skills? Hmmm. It says my subscription expires in April of 2007. Interesting.

Well that is all I have for now. I am in a scrapbooking slump right now. Maybe when I get out of that I will post some stuff. To those on my "official" advisory team...I may not be eligible to enter due to my affiliation with Paper Heart Studio. Need to figure that out. Anyway, must run. Have a good day.

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