Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random stuff

So I am here at work writing this as I am bored. VERY bad sign, if this continues, I will be broke in no time =). I have read about cat scratch disease, rabies, allergy testing and I can't be "good" anymore. I did learn today that if you are bitten by a rabid animal, that if you scrub the wound vigorously with an iodine solution you decrease the rate of transmission by 90%. Good info to know, cause rabies isn't a nice disease, as Emma would say, "It makes you dead?" Also avoid skunks, they stink and are a major source of rabies. My doctorly advice for the day.

So scrappy giraffe is in the process of launching its new site... Check it out here . The June kit will be for sale soon and looks to have some cool stuff in it... if you are of course into the cult of scrapbooking.

Tomorrow, I will have an official bodybugg update. Speaking of the bodybugg, my lovely mother has been a bodybugg convert as well. She has used it for maybe almost 2 months, I think? She has lost a little over 22 pounds. Just thought I'd share, as I think she is doing an excellent job. After my session tomorrow, I am free, totally free until Monday morning. I am taking a few days off of work just because and if the rest of the week is like today, no one will even realize that I am gone. I am not doing anything special, just going to do what I want to. Which sounds so very nice to me. I might go see the tulip festival in Pella. I am deciding if cool flowers and windmills are enough to make me brave the crowds. I hate crowds. We'll see. Then if I do go, do I take Emma or do I just do a "me" trip. I'm not very good at "me" trips. Emma always seems to "con" me into keeping her with me on my days off. She's just too cute to resist. Bella will be in school so I don't have to worry about her.

I'm home now and am blogging away at my normal time (midnightish)...I forgot about these stars...wanted to add them to yesterdays layout. So here it is, new and improved. Didn't ask Emma if she liked it better.

God bless whoever invented the riding lawnmower. That's all I have to say about that.

Thank you Chris for volunteering for my advisory committee...need a way to contact you so I can direct you to my secret site =).

That is all for now....can't wait for tomorrow afternoon! 4.5 days of no work!


cld said...

The stars added to the "ugly" LO (according to Emma ...not me)
Thanks for the praise. I need that this week. Doing well but getting a little grouchy about it for some reason. A few more lbs this week would help pep me up alot. I never drop until sometime during the night between Friday and Saturday AM. Weird.
Glad you like your lawnmower. Just watch out for the kids when you are using it. (Remember Andrew) Anyway.....hope your work goes well. Mine is very slow and dull too right now. I think everyone left the U.S. and that is why we don't have any business!!!! :) Hang in there. You can always come live with us. Doesn't that inspire you?????

Stacey said...

You're talking to Ms. Safety herself....remember?

cld said...

Glad to hear that! I forgot.