Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday blogging

Just a few photos tonight. I was playing with photoshop tonight (elements). Trying to learn new stuff. Here is photo I took of Bella tonight. It is the before untouched shot.

Here I played with it a bit. See any difference with her eyes?

Here is a "dreamy" version. Would be cool with the right photo...not this one =).

I'm trying out some things I found HERE

And finally a photo of the swing set...all finished.


cld said...

Nice pictures. The second picture is sharper all around. Nice playground equipment. Is Kent trying it out for strength. I imagine if it will hold might hold the girls!!!!! Is it located on the upper left area of your yard? Close to where their sand was???? Can't quite tell.

shannon said...

i notice catch lights... great job. i don't have the patience, but i really should try it. thanks for the link. i saved it!