Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maybe a baby

So the word on the street is that my sister is being induced as we speak and may soon have a baby. If it comes within the next 22 minutes, it {as the gender of this child is unknown} will share a birthday with my lovely parents anniversary. Not sure how long they have been married, but it's been awhile. Happy Anniversary!

Well, I may be a bit biased, but do I not have the most beautiful girls in the world?

So I went to the gym again today. My ban is over. It was good to be back. And what a difference a little workout makes in my calorie burn for the day. Makes it so I can eat...which I greatly enjoy doing. I got my picture taken again today. I don't like that...but my gym is opening a new gym downtown and they want to use me on the wall there to inspire others. Hmmm. Interesting. I even had to give a little bodybugg testimonial.

I actually made a layout tonight. Can't show it to you just yet. Pretty soon.

Just a little whine here...this blogging thing is getting old...especially when I feel like I am talking to MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could someone please comment? Please, please, please? The world won't end, you won't die, it might be freeing to your soul, it would make me happy {not that that is the main focus of your lives....but wouldn't it make you feel good to spread joy to little old me?}. Whine over.


cld said...

I don't think I could free my soul anymore than I already do!!!!!

Thanks for the Anniversary is 37 years. Baby missed our date by about 4 hours. She was born on the 11th. (I hope I haven't given anything away...MJDF was going to call you.)

You aren't a bit biased....they are the most beautiful girl in the world. Bells looks TOO OLD in that picture. You are going to get payback on her. The boys will be beating down the door to get to her just like they did for you. The only good thing is that Bella's father is just a TAD bigger than your father was!!!!!!

Good job on the gym thing. You look great. The only problem is that your BEFORE picture is probably better than most people's afer picture!!!!!!!!!!

Are all those people I saw on the wall at the gym using the body bugg or just working out???????

Well I have really freed my soul so must go and take children up to see their sister. I am not suppose to tell them they have a baby yet I guess. If they don't ask ....I don't tell.

shannon said...

the girls are beautiful!
congrats on the gym! you are motivation!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are beautiful.

aka MissyLynn at KNK

Anonymous said...

long time lurker, first time commenter.
Now you can not feel like you are talking to no one!!

Heather said...

I read! lol- congrats on being an aunt!