Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another Wednesday Afternoon at Target

Super cute picture of my Emma taken yesterday afternoon {altered a bit in photoshop e.}. Hard to believe she is going to be three soon. So grown up.

So I visited my trainer today. According to that nasty scale I didn't loose anything. I really don't think I cheated so...who knows? Maybe some water weight? We'll just call it that and look forward to next week =).

So anyway, after my workout I went to my favorite store....Target. Wanted to buy birthday presents for Emma. While there I tried on swimsuits {thinking of going somewhere warm for spring break}. Bad idea. I hate swimsuits. Let's just get this straight...even though I am trying to lose some fat and have already lost about 10 pounds....I am not a big person. But would someone please tell me why in the world can I fit into size 6 pants {just brought them out of storage =) } but can't fit into a medium bottom in a swimsuit. fully cover my bottom I need a XL. What the heck? Maybe these are made for those teeny teenage girls? That's what I'm going to tell myself. It's probably just that I have a large butt......but it makes me feel better to say the other. I refuse to buy a size zero top and and XL bottoms. That's just not right. So needless to say, I left Target without buying any swimwear. I did buy the INXS CD with the song Pretty Vegas on it. While I was trying on the swimsuits the lyrics "It ain't pretty" from that song kept going through my in honor of my swimsuit failure, I bought that =). Also got Emma some cute things for her birthday and managed to spend plenty of money anyway. I am also pleased to report that those who might be coming to my stampin' up party and feel the need to use the bathroom will be able to do so in privacy as the baby blanket window shade will be coming down tomorrow if all goes well. The shade has arrived and is waiting for installation. Also....more exciting bathroom news....I bought a TP stand so you will no longer have to locate the toilet paper {it seems to run off quite frequently} and there is now a dedicated towel for that bathroom as well {Emma has been very clearly instructed not to steal it}. It only took a little over one year to accomplish all of that....better late than never. Anyway that is all for tonight. Adios.


shannon said...

i so feel your pain on bathing suits! pretty much the same situation that i am in! imagine trying to find one in a crunch in a foreign country. fun times!

cld said...

We won't even comment on bathing suits. If you skinny people have trouble...! Cute picture of Emma. She is so beautiful. Takes after both of her grandmas! Good to talk to you tonight..even if you called to reprimand me for not coming to your party. :) Hope somebody shows up. I will look to see if there is something I want. I REALLY was looking forward to it!

Heather said...

imagine the agony of those of us who aren't a size 6 trying to find a bathing suit... it does get worse...;P