Thursday, February 16, 2006

A quick one

***Decided to scrap the picture I posted last night. I think it turned out nice....but what layout wouldn't with such a cute subject?
***It was 62 degrees here on Tuesday, tomorrow it's supposed to feel like -30 with the terrible is that?
***I weighed myself today at the gym....down 1.5 lbs since yesterday, think I like that number better.
***Bella is sick....think I need to take her for a strep test tomorrow...poor girl.
***People keep canceling for my stampin' up party....think I'm going to be the only one there....wonder if I can spend $150 to get my free hostess gift =).
***I am the only one at the office this week....really liking it, like being busy....wish my partner would retire {not going to happen}.
***I would sincerely like to thank all of the "newer" people who have commented on this blog....truly makes me happy. Feel free to comment more often. And to my old faithfuls...thank-you also, don't want to make you feel left out =).
***That is all for now. Have a good day.


cld said...

Wonderful layout. Sorry again that I am not coming. Read your e-mail. I placed an order. doubt if you will have any trouble placing a $150 order yourself. :) Sorry...couldn't resist that but you are like me when it comes to buying scrapbooking stuff...only difference is that you use it and don't just collect it like some of us. Poor Bella. Tell her to get well. I wish the other Dr. would retire too. Keep putting small hints about how nice retiring to a warm climate is. Hope he isn't one of your blog readers!!!!!!!! Got up to exercise again this morning. I will take some of your suggestions for the weight lifting. Sorry to bore your other blogg readers but I just am too lazy to switch over the the private e-mail and write. Have a good day.

shannon said...

bummer about the party. if i lived a few states over i would be there! ;)