Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another weekend gone

I know I say this every Sunday evening....but jeesh...the weekend just goes by too quickly. And I think I'm on call tomorrow...yuck. Guess I'm not complaining too much about my only if I were a dermatologist would it be easier, but I still could do without it.

The above layout was again made with the February Scrappy Giraffe Kit . Seems to look better in person....but I guess they all do. When I was looking through old pictures at Grandma's house this past Christmas I think that egg carton christmas tree has been hanging every Christmas since the 1970s. My Grandma doesn't like to throw anything away....even if it is ugly =). Also a picture of Grandma's fluff...always a favorite at every holiday.

I went to the bank today to put some money ended up going again to a different grocery store. This one wasn't quite as exciting as the Hy-Vee in Ankeny, but look what I found
I know that doesn't mean much to many of you, but I'm kind of picky with my salsa. I strongly feel that the people who make Pace and all of the similar salsas should be embarrassed to call their product salsa and shouldn't be allowed to sell it...hate that stuff. I found a great salsa in Idaho too..... El Pinto I even ordered a case of the stuff since we moved. Anyway.....that is all for now. Have a good one.

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cld said...

Makes me hungry. :) That is all I can say because my exercise show is about to come on. :) Hope to write more.