Sunday, February 26, 2006

An eventful weekend

Had a busy weekend. Bella had her last basketball game of the season. She is already asking to sign up again...this from a girl who wanted nothing to do with it to begin with.

Went to a new church today.....really liked it. Not sure why we haven't been looking around before. Laziness I guess. Been going to a church we are not really crazy about for over a year.

Here is a layout of Bella from Halloween...made it on Friday I think?

So tomorrow is Emma's third birthday. We did some celebrating today though. First we went to Chuck E. Cheese as that is where she wanted to go. I hate that place. It was a mad house. Just went for the games eating of the yucky pizza. Emma wanted a quesedilla so we went to a mexican restaurant. Here she is eating chips and queso dip. She ate a TON! She loves chips, salsa and cheese dip.

Here is Bella also enjoying the food.

They sang to Emma and she got a brownie and ice cream.

Here we are at home with more cake and ice cream. Emma blowing out her candles. On the way home she kept talking about having an Elmo cake which is kind of amazing because that was from her birthday last year and we haven't spoke of it since. Good memory for a 2 year old! This cake was just a pull off of the shelf grocery store cake since I am too lazy to make one myself.

Emma showing off her green tongue from eating the green icing. She has a lovely Dora Party Hat on.

Why did you buy your child dishtowels for her birthday? might ask yourself. Well see, Emma has an obsession with dishtowels, handtowels, etc and will steal them from wherever she might find them....towel rack, kitchen counter, laundry. No towel is safe when Emma is around. She uses them to cover up her babies. Now she has her own personal dishtowels and hopefully mine will no longer be needed. My mom had the same now she has a whole fleet of dishtowels to wrap her babies in.

That is all for today. I am taking the day off tomorrow to spend with Emma. I asked her what she wanted to do and of course the answer was, "Go to Target". So I guess we will be going to Target tomorrow. And if all holds true to her current behavior trends she will be very upset unless we go "two places" we will try to find another place to go also. Have a good day.


cld said...

Thank you for a wonderful day at your house. It was very fun and was enjoyed by all of us. We had fun with the girls. Emma is at that cute age that just melts your heart. What a sweetie! Hope you have loads of fun with a day off..spending it with Emma.

shannon said...

such cute pictures. your girls are adorable. and how sweet is it that she is worried about covering her babies! happy birthday emma!