Sunday, February 19, 2006

The progression of a child's anxiety

These pictures are of Emma at Bella's Basketball game this weekend. She wanted me to pick her up. Being the good mother that I am, I took her picture instead. Note the progression of anxiety {that pink thing is my shirt}. By the way...I did pick her up after I snapped these....she was quite happy with that =).

So I think my party was actually a success.....people actually showed up, which I was very greatful for. I was concerned that it would only be me and my sister. I bought some cute stamps and I got a bunch of free ones too!!! Gotta like that! Nothing much else to report this evening. Gotta go put some socks is cold in this house {and a balmy zero degrees outside....can someone explain how you can have a 60+ degree temp differential in one week?}


cld said...

No I can't explain the difference in tempeture. Poor Emma..what does a girl have to do to get picked up???? :) I know nothing new. Glad people showed up at your party. I heard it was a success. Hope I am forgiven!!!!!!

cld said...

Hey....where is the new blogg?????? This isn't the weekend. Don't think you can get away with not posting a new one every night. That is only tolerated on weekends and barely that!!!!! :) Now that I have yelled at you...Have a good day.

shannon said...

i hear you on the weather and i'm so happy your party was a success!