Thursday, February 02, 2006

No picture tonight

Sorry...tried to post a picture, but blogger is not cooperating tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I am happy to report that in approximately 11 business days, my bathroom will have a permanent blind on it. Just went with a plain white one....durawood.....fancy way for saying fake wood. I had to custom order it because our windows are not a standard size...isn't that lovely? Means I get to spend more money to cover them up. That would partly explain why none of them have anything on them (except here in my office).

Yesterday, I found out as I was looking through the phonebook that someone screwed up and our clinic is not listed (clinic administration knew this....just didn't bother to tell us...maybe we weren't supposed to find out?) That's right, we are not in the phonebook. I about died. Not only am I struggling to get patients....even if they happen to know we exist (which many don't since we refuse to advertise, obviously not by my choice) they would have to figure out how to call us. And anyone who is looking for a pediatrician under the "Pediatrician" heading in the phone book will see NO mention of our clinic. Very upsetting. I guess I'll just add this to my list of "Why you need to prolong my guaranteed salary". I got a big one going.

That is all for tonight. I'll try to put my picture on tomorrow...maybe after Bella's basketball practice and our weekly trip to Subway (which by the way is about the only place you can eat out at on a 1500 calorie diet). Adios.

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cld said...

Isn't that nice about the phone. I would be keeping a list to. That is totally crazy. How are they suppose to know about it. Hang in there for another year (at least) of salary. Till it is in the phone book for at least 6 months. Or the advertising, that they are going to start kicks in.
Stand firm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!