Thursday, February 23, 2006

Target is evil

So I went for my weekly Target fix today. Went to buy shampoo and conditioner. Well over an hour later and gazillions of dollars I left. What did I buy? Let's see. I bought Emma a new Dora DVD as she is completely obsessed with Dora {in fact she called me Dora the other night....she thought that was funny} and I'm tired of listening to the "sticky tape" episode. So if you buy Emma something....It is required that you buy Bella something. She got a book and an American Girl quiz book. I then had to buy a video for myself. I didn't really watch any particular show on TV until about 3 weeks ago when I caught an episode of Grey's anatomy. Now I am apparently hooked. Had to buy the first season to catch up....
My life as a doc is not nearly as exciting as theirs...maybe it is the surgeon thing. Any surgeons wish to comment?
Lets see....also made the mistake of walking through the furniture aisle where they had some kids storage units on clearance....which I have been meaning to get for the past year (you all know my issues with actually accomplishing any decorating in my house). Well I couldn't pass up $20 off of each of them, so I bought 2 for the girls and a bookcase for me...gonna use it as a nightstand. Of course I couldn't leave without a magazine. Oh yes...and I did remember to buy the shampoo, but forgot laundry detergent.
Then I went next door to Kohls. I have had my current running shoes for at least a year and since I have actually been running in them decided to buy some new ones. I like to do this at Kohls as I have never had to pay over $40 for a pair, and seeing that I continue to spend my life savings at Target every week, I can only afford $40 for a pair of shoes. Here they are in all their pink and black glory.

And finally, I went back to the glorious HyVee to see if it really was as glorious as I originally thought. It was. You can almost browse in there it is so cool. I also found my salsa there as well so I am super excited {bought some Starla salsa too to try....can never have too much good salsa}
Spent the rest of the evening assembling fake furntiture. I am a professional fake furniture putter together-er. Maybe someday I will be able to buy real furniture and someone else will assemble/move/whatever it. Anyway that is all for now, have a good day.


cld said...

BAD TARGET! How terrible of it to take advantage of you every week. Especially at the expense of your children going to college!:) (In Target's is pretty cool..I love it too.) Nice shoes too. I wonder if Kohl's would have my size.....1000 triple E. (or so they seem)

shannon said...

cute shoes! and i soooo love target! and grey's anatomy is awesome! :)