Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Finally...did it work?

So I will try to recreate my post from last night that disappeared....Anyway the first photo is of Emma getting ready to go. I let Emma choose what we were going to do yesterday, except for 2 things....working out and the grocery store.

Our first stop was the gym where she so very nicely played, running around, covering babies, running around, starting the whole cycle again. She seemed to have fun.

Next, we went to Applebee's where Emma enjoyed nutrious fried chicken and french fries.

She wanted to go to the car wash next, so that we did. Here she is enjoying the sprayer spraying her window.

Our next stop was Target. Here she is exploring the toys. She spent much of the time singing Happy Birthday to herself. I let her pick out a toy. She chose a barbie mermaid kit complete with purse, sunglasses, shoes.

Our next stop was Hy-vee (where she didn't want to go because she wasn't hungry). She kept throwing random objects in the cart. I let her keep the colorful marshmallows which you see in the next picture (along with the purse and shoes)

Here she is watching Dora clutching the new purse.

Ending the evening was story time with Bella and finally in her own bed, looking at a book in the dark and listening to the Wiggles to fall asleep. Overall a successful birthday!

In other news, I was quoted in the paper today about the new Rotavirus vaccine that will be coming out soon. I'm famous! Now maybe people will read that and come flocking to the clinic....Hmmm, I can always hope. Have a good day!


cld said...

Sounds like a cool day. Hope both you and Emma enjoyed it. I have tomorrow off. Dr. Visit and then watch Emma's cousins!

shannon said...

a famous doc and scrapbooker... what a lady! :o)