Monday, February 06, 2006

Scrapbook and grocery shopping

More supplies from the February 2006 Scrappy Giraffe kit . This is the house I spent my first 11 3/4 years in. Then we moved 5 feet into our new much sturdier house my dad built. Trying to scrap some childhood stuff.

So you know you have a scrapbooking problem when you go to the scrapbook store and can't find anything to buy because you basically own everything of interest that is in that particular store. I left with a package of rubons and some glue {and a know my magazine problem...that's another issue}.

Across the street from the scrapbooking store is a big large Hy-Vee {Iowa/NE grocery chain}. Holy crap....I was in grocery store heaven. I have not shopped at a real grocery store for quite some time and it was lovely. Produce as far as the eye could see...more than one type of apple to choose from, fresh herbs...multiple kinds, other kinds of mushrooms other than just went on and on. A cheese refrigerator full of fancy cheeses bigger than the regular cheese aisle at my puny little Hy-Vee. Pita bread, foccacia, etc. Tons of meat if you are into that sort of thing. A big area full of organic stuff/health food stuff. Nothing was out of stock, I left with EVERYTHING on my list {wish I had made it bigger}. Yipee!!!!! I totally forgot what it was like to leave a grocery store with a happy feeling instead of an "I can't believe they don't have _________ (fill in the blank with multiple items)" Oh yeah.....a great magazine section too =). There was the floral shop and a bank and a video store and a picture processing place and a salad bar and a starbucks. WOW!!!!!!! Alright....yes you officially know how sad my life is now that you can see how excited I get about a grocery store....but I have not been in such a lovely one since July of 2003 when I lived in Iowa City. I may just have to make the effort to go there instead. It sucks though as it is about 19 miles from my garage to their parking lot (90% by interstate) instead of the probably 5 miles to my piece of crap grocery store. Oh well....such is life living out in the "country". Well that is all for now. Have a good day. Oh and by the way for all of you slackers that don't is breaking my heart. I live for comments. =).


shannon said...

you are too much. i too once owned almost everything out of one store. apparently no one else did this since the store did eventually go out of business! awesome job with these scrappy giraffe kits...but then again you are you! ;)

cld said...

The old house brings back memories. I am glad you were happy in it. I was too but I don't have as many fond memories of it. The water freezing if it got below 32 degree...that is why the toilet was plumbed with HOT water ...which shocked visitors! :)
One closet for 5 people. 2 windows that opened...and even then had to be propped open with sticks. A little heater in the kitchen for all the heat in the house. But it really was fun because our family was there and that is what made it fun. I like your layout too. You do such a good job. You will have to come to the one in Iowa City and use your gift certificate.

Aren't Hy-Vee's nice? Good ones that is. I always spend more money there because I get so tempted. And of course I don't usually have a list and even when I do....I buy more than on it.

Sorry I didn't comment yesterday. Didn't have time. (my excuse) (:

mjdf said...

I don't like being called a slacker. So I suppose I will comment. I too have many fond memories of that house, but I only had six years of living in it. I remember waking up in winter and scraping ice off the walls with my fingernail. I don't remember all the nasty stuff Mom talks about, but since that's all I knew for my life I probably didn't think anything of it. I do remember nighttime conversations and singing with you and Brian after we were put in bed, and I remember trying to crawl into bed with you several times. I think one time you actually let me stay instead of kicking me out. :) I don't remember the house as it is pictured. I think it was yellow for my whole life. All for now. Bye.