Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The big green machine

I'm back...missed a day yesterday, I'm sure you were all heartbroken, but never fear I am back. I was creating a "special" scrapbook project last night and the computer was acting up so combining those two...no post.

So as much as I enjoyed the 2.5 plus hours of mowing that I did this weekend (and by the way that was only about 50% of our yard...just the stuff that was growing so far)...I finally broke down and did it...meet the newest aquisition at our household.

Isn't she pretty? Pretty expensive. Hate spending money like that, but I also hate wasting probably 6 plus hours a week mowing when I could be doing something more enjoyable. Even though it is a great workout...don't want to do it more than I have to. We got it tonight...took it for a spin in the driveway =). Wow...it turns nice! The last time I drove a lawn mower must have been in high school and that thing had about a 30 foot turning radius on it. We got a free cart with it and if we want to we can buy a blade to put on it this winter for pushing snow. How exciting is that? Yeah, I know not very. Just trying to convince myself it was a good purchase.

So the weather took a bad turn today...turned on my heat tonight when I got home. Just when you think winter is over, it goes and gets cold. Bella had her Iowa Cubs baseball game today for making her goal in reading...they stayed about an hour before they left due to the lovely 40 degree temp, wind and rain. Kent was there with her so they went to a movie, Ice Age 2...makes me mad I wanted to see that...guess I'll wait until it is out on DVD. They also walked around the mall and she apparently talked him into buying the real "crocs". I had bought her the fake one at payless and she is always reminding me of it...I told she could pay the $18 difference if she wanted the real ones so bad. The fake ones look about the same to me...just diamond holes instead of circle holes. Don't I sound like a good responsible mom?

Anyway, now that I have bored you to death, I will quit. Going to see my orthodontist tomorrow afternoon 90 miles away so he can check my retainers {had jaw surgery and braces 3 years ago...{fun in your late 20s/early 30s...highly recommend it (ha!) }. Have a good day.

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chris said...

i bouught my kids the payless "crocs" too! the funny thing is i bought the real ones for myself :).