Sunday, April 23, 2006

Things I've learned over the weekend

First a quick layout using my scraps from the March Scrappy Giraffe kit...This picture was from about 1 year ago.

On to my great aquisition of knowledge
1. Soccer is much more pleasant to watch early in the A.M. when it is not 30 degrees out.
2. Grocery shopping with 2 children can suck.
3. Mowing the yard by push mower the day after instituting a new upper body routine creates pain.
4. Mowing our yard is a great workout, about equivalent to the elliptical machine per the all knowing bodybugg.
5. Going to Walmart at midnight is so much better than other hours of the day {except for the man behind me at the checkout line who smelled like a alcohol and was buying camo gear...Hmmmm}. I wasn't overwhelmingly annoyed. Why Walmart at midnight? They have a great selection of THESE . I love them. Maybe my taste buds are skewed since I haven't really had too many sweets in the past 4 months, but they are chocolate and they fill me up and they have a cake/brownie consistency...what more could a girl want?
6. Running in the dark is pay so much attention to where your feet are landing that time flies.
7. My new church is super cool.
8. When you don't mop your floor for months, it gets really dirty.
9. I still hate the smell of self tanner. Wish the sun didn't cause wrinkles and bad evil skin cancer.
10. I got some Creative Memories circle cutters in the mail over the weekend from my old friend Dana. I love circles, they make me happy.
That is about all I can think of that I learned this weekend. Wasn't very exciting was it?


cld said...

I see I am the first to post at 5:50 a.m. (before exercise) It is amazing what yard work can do, huh? I got some of the yummy Clif bars at walmart too.

mjdf said...

Sounds like you learned lots of lovely things this weekend. I can relate to the mopping the floor thing, though I am getting better at the frequency thing. I think I used to mop about twice a year. : ) I've done the running in the dark thing too and it does add a new twist to running. When we lived in Goshen, I remember taking late night shopping trips to Wal-Mart or other stores that were open and finding it to be very peaceful and nice. Another good time I discovered is before church on Sunday morning. Hardly anyone is up and about yet - but it means you have to get up extra early on Sunday to get anything. I've only done that in cases of emergency. I may have to try mowing my yard the next time to see if it will put me in labor! I'm starting to get impatient!

shannon said...

hmm.. maybe i should cut the grass more! ;)