Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Friday

This is Emma this past summer...amazing how much she has grown up in just under a year. I had written down some phrases she said that sort of highlighted her "pronoun problem" Pretty cute kid. Her speach has greatly improved, much more understandable, especially over the past few months. She is saying big words all over the's pretty cute. All of this from a kid I thought was NEVER going to say anything. The paper is Paper Heart Studio Marmalade collection.

I'm so glad that it is Friday...unfortunately some idiot scheduled a soccer game at 8 AM I will be getting up earlier than I do on weekdays. That is very evil...against everything I believe in. Anyway, because of that I should probably try to go to bed soon. Hmmmm, not so happy about that. More later.


cld said...

Very very cute picture and love the LO. For us LO morons (probably just me) please go into detail how you do some of that stuff on the the dots, etc, etc, etc.

shannon said...

lol about 8am. part of the reason i don't have kids...i'm not a morning person! ;)