Sunday, April 09, 2006

No pictures today

Well no photos tonight...sorry, blogger once again is being obnoxious.

Had a good weekend...after freezing our butts off at was a balmy 36 degrees which feels colder when you have a whiny 3 year old with you. But we survived. Today was a lovely day sunny and in the 60s. Bella and I went on a huge walk today. Probably about 4 miles. We walked to the county park that is near our house, played on some playground equipment and then down to the river to look at the water. I love walking around where we pretty, saw a bunch of little trees sprouting leaves, loving that. Bella is sure growing up. Non-stop talk, question after question...she was bringing up all sorts of stuff....who made God?... talked about the evils of smoking and drugs and alcohol....wanted to know about the meaning of certain words...jabber, jabber, jabber...Pretty smart kid (takes after her mother I think =) ).

I just finished reading THIS . It was pretty good....pretty easy to read, but still thought provoking. You can read the review on amazon...I won't go into it here.

Well that is all for tonight...sorry about the lack of pictures, but hey...not my fault...I have them here just waiting....until tomorrow I guess.


cld said...

Sounds like a nice walk. I am glad you and Bella got some one on one time. She certainly is growing up and changing. KED and I got only about 2 1/2 miles in yesterday down by the mississippi. Very nice too. Have a good day.

shannon said...

kite runner! i read that not too long ago. definitely made me think!