Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Green and New Babies

Thanks to all that have commented about my layouts. You are very kind. I appreciate it very much. Some of you have noticed my green theme. I just got a few sheets of green paper and decided to use it. I do love green. I have decided that my problems with using my supplies is that I am just too dang efficient with my paper. I can make one piece of paper last 3 or more layouts. I will never ever even come close to using my supply at that rate. I still have more green paper to use and I have already completed at least 5 layouts with it. Also to answer another question....I hand sewed on the autumn beauty layout. There are also beads sewn on there....don't know if you can appreciate that. So here is another one I finished tonight. Nothing exciting. Just had these photos sitting around from our time in Idaho so I decided to do something with them.

Had a good day at work today. Actually saw 5 new babies (Along with others)!!!! I think that is a new record for here. It gives me hope that perhaps I won't go broke. New babies are so important...now if only I could see 5 everyday I'd be busy busy in no time. Well off to bed. I'm struggling with the time change...was up til about 3 AM on Saturday, 1 last night, probably 1 tonight. Doesn't make for pleasant mornings.


shannon said...

woohoo on the new babies!
and love that layout. the journaling strips are very fun!

Cindy said...

So I have read like several of your blogs, and you really are sick. I think it high time you started on something. I love your pics and your layout, I have finally done done something with mine. I will be watching you to see if I can ever be as good as you.