Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Deep thoughts

No I really don't have any deep thoughts tonight, just couldn't think of anything to put for the title. The layout below was also created in an attempt to clear my desk of extraneous photos. These two are the girls cousins...who {or should it be whom...never really picked up on that one in English class} they deeply love {hope you don't mind me posting their pics Miss C.P.}

So could the weather be any more awesome?.....highs in the 80s tomorrow and Friday. Love it!

It's all your fault, kded {had to blame it on someone}! So you all knew I would buy the stupid camera right? Actually...I went to the first store with the sale and walked out without anything in my hands. The reason the price was lower was that the lenses were a different I wanted to research them a bit before I purchased it. Anyway....headed over to the mall area and stopped at Best Buy who also had it on sale but with the canon they had 18 months with 0% interest and I liked the sales guy more...the first one bothered me. So I bought it. Now, that all said, the camera is still in it's box with the sticker intact...why? Not because I don't want it...but because this camera is totally something I don't need...just want it, that's all. Will it bring me great joy and happiness...quite possibly, but I still need to convince myself of that before I break that sticker. And I have a perfectly good camera that now I need to figure out what to do with. Just feeling a bit of guilt for a purchase that I don't really need. Maybe I'd feel better if I could get rid of my current camera...anyone interested {Canon S2 IS 5mp with 12x optical zoom, 512 MB card, camera case, rechargable batteries} Anyone want to help me out either alleving or worsening my guilt?'re a professional, should I keep it?

Anyway...met with my trainer today, didn't really make any progress this past week. Overall though I am officially down 6% body fat from where I that is good. So I have met my original goal...but would like to go a bit farther. I am going to make this public to keep myself in line...for the next three weeks I am going to be good with as little cheating as possible {except for possibly easter weekend}. If I do that, when I meet with my trainer in 3 weeks I should have attained goal #2 and be ready to just maintain my new weight. So keep me in line people.

Well that is all for now, have a lovely day.


mjdf said...

Since you scrapbooked my children, I should respond. You could just change the title to "My children" and give it to me. :) I like it. I would have been interested in your camera had we not recently went digital a few months ago. Sorry, can't help you in that department.

kded said...

I think that you should definitely keep the camera - great joy and happiness are in store for you! Let me know what you think of it. I use a Nikon for work, but have a Canon for myself. Maybe after we get a new roof...