Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bits and pieces

*Had a terrible day at work today...sat around and did pretty much NOTHING all day. Very frustrating. One day I think I'm going to make it, the next day I'm pretty convinced I will be going broke this summer.

*Exchanged my new camera for another new camera as new camera #1 decided to malfunction every time the flash popped up. New camera #2 seems to be functioning normally. They exchanged it very happily

* Here is my first attempt at creating a digital scrapbook page. I am taking a class at The Big Picture . My first ever scrapbook class. I can do the online person, probably not. I didn't get creative with it at all....just followed the directions...maybe the next one. Just wanted to learn how to use Photoshop Elements better, I'll try to post my progress for you scrapbooking fans.

*Guess how many times I fell off the treadmill today at the gym? If your guess was are correct. I was bored stiff running and kind of got caught up with T.V. watching and the next thing I know I drift off to the right and poof...flying off the treadmill. The first time was minor...the second time I about killed myself. Not really but I did get a scrape on my arm as I crashed into the railing of the treadmill. How embarrassing. Luckily only me and my few fellow noon gym people were there to watch {that's what I like about noon...only a few of us there}. Some older guy came and asked me if I fell off...started yacking at me about all sorts of stuff. Told me if I lost anymore weight I was going to be flying off the treadmill more often...not sure what that means....he obviously hasn't been looking at my flabby bottom (which is good). Anyway, moral of the story is I am not capable of running and watching T.V. at the same time =( {sure did make the time fly}

*Pictured below is a layout created from March's Scrappy Giraffe kit. There was an unfortunate delay in the kits being sent...but they are coming now, huge...with lots of fun stuff in them. Not sure that I am loving this layout, seems to be missing something, maybe a title would help? Hmmm, not sure.

*After taking my camera back, the girls and I went to dinner at P.F. Chang's. Emma who has been especially obnoxious the past week, behaved herself wonderfully. I was proud =). Of course, I told her that this was a nice restaurant and that they don't let kids cry in it...they get kicked out. Being hungry, she didn't want that. Also had to tell her about stealing {she was very intrigued with the cloth napkin and wanted to take it home for her babies} had to tell her about people who steal and how they go to jail. She didn't want that either. You should have seen them eat...another point of pride for this mommy....they devoured it all, broccoli, asparagus, pea pods, tofu, chicken, baby corn. I love it that my girls eat vegetables, makes me happy.

*Had great mail days the past 2 days. Scrapbook stuff {scrappy giraffe, free maya road via paper heart studio, returned layouts} and lots of magazines! Makes me happy. Doesn't take much. Anyway, better go to is late. Have a good day!


cld said...

I love the LO. How do you like digital? Not sure how that works.
Somehow that does not seem like scrapbooking to me. What do you think? Of course maybe if I did it pages would be MUCH nicer. As you can tell by my attitude...I am not up to your level by a long shot in scrapbooking. Oh well!!!!!!! I guess when you only do a page every two years it is hard to expect that, huh? I love that picture of you. Can I have a real one of that?

shannon said...

omg, about the treadmill!
i get distracted on the eliptical and sometimes a foot goes flying!
always embarrasses the heck out of me!