Sunday, April 30, 2006

Read yesterday's post please.

I was looking for something to post and came about old layout about Miss Emma. Not very exciting, but something to look at none the less.

So I am still looking for a few more people to help me out {see yesterday's post} truly won't take up much of your time....please? Thanks of course to mom and Shannon. I'll tell you where to look when I actually start making some layouts =).
So... a little example of how much I use the camera in our house. Yesterday morning we opened the front door to find a present from Betty on the front porch...a bloody half headless mouse. Emma promptly wanted to go find the camera so we could take a picture of it. Thought it was kind of funny and cute....scrapping a picture of a bloody mouse.
I don't really know much else right now, have a lovely day!

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cld said...

Very cute of Emma. Bella's favorite color too! Don't know much either. Just a personal got the light up that you and I bought Sat. night. How long did that take???? A year????? Anyway, I can see quite well now and I am sure that my e-mails will be even more brilliant now! (Get the play on words???!!!)