Monday, April 17, 2006

Inferiority complex

Well...I am getting a complex. I have only had three layouts in magazines....but each and every time they have shrunk it down to miniscule size. Usually the smallest one you can find in the mag. It just makes me wonder if they get my layout...look at it and say, "Hmmmm...this isn't as good as we thought, let's shrink it down really small so no one will notice!" Anyway, I should just be happy that they want something of mine {and I am =) }. Just makes me wonder..... Anyway take a peak at page 64 in this months Scrapbooks etc to see my tiny layout.

Busy week this practice x 2, the girls go to adventure club on Wed night and Thursday Bella has a spring concert at school. I hate having stuff most nights. I am such a home body. Somewhere in there I need to find time to take my faulty brand spanking too expensive new camera back to the store. It is malfunctioning every time the flash pops up....lovely. Makes me feel as if I've spent my money well. =(.

Today I had a little girl tell me that she wanted to be just like me when she grew up and then she said, "I love you Dr. George" was really cute, nice to feel loved. I always like it when kids do that....makes up for the ones that start screaming the moment you enter the room.

That is all for now...kind of tired tonight {Got home from Lincoln last night around mindnight and then slept poorly due to the Mt. Dew high I was on}


cld said...

I want to be just like you Dr. George when I grow up too!!!! (now there are two of us)

I know how you feel about the busyness. I had something every night last week and I HATED it! This week is more my week. Only 1 night is taken.

All I can say are the magazines are crazy. Everytime....the one above you that was BIGGER was inferior to yours. I guess like I use to tell you when you went to State every year in track....there are a lot of people who would just like to be here!!!!!! I think your LO are beautiful. (and I am not saying that because I have to) They are classy compare to the ones who feel they have to use everything they have on them. Like lets make them busy just so I can get rid of all this junk in my scrapbooking stash!

Have a good day.

shannon said...

you made it to print and that is all that matters! and those dt's you are on.. you are fabulous!