Friday, April 14, 2006

Bunch of pictures.

Well, we didn't leave tonight. Too much tornado damage...Kent worked all day taking trees off of peoples houses. But he is home now and we are off tomorrow AM. Here is a layout I did the other night. Picture of me in 1993...back when I was young =). I really don't look all that different now...not sure if that is good or bad...good in some ways I guess and bad in the fact that maybe I should change my hair a bit (it is cut differently now...I swear)

So I guess the camera is mine....I've taken 98 pictures so far...just trying it out. This first one is of Bella today. She was named to the reading hall of fame this month. She read 900 and some minutes in March. She was pretty proud. She got to go in front of the whole school to get her t-shirt.

Just another one of Bella.

Emma checking out a "pretty flower" otherwise known as a bud.

And just a leaf sprouting on one of our trees (japanese maple for you tree lovers out there). Was trying out my macro setting.

That is all for now. Be back later.

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cld said...

Kent could stay busy for months by the looks of things. Hope you get off in good time tomorrow. No 3 a.m.'s like us?????????? Looks like you have a good camera. You were cool at 20 but even more lovely today in your great maturity!!!!